We value our business relationships so this holiday season,

CardConnect is offering our Network and Business Partners,

2017 Holiday Referral Bonuses.

Partner Referral Program

Partner Referral Program Benefits


  • Helping your customers improves your relationship!

  • Refer your company and receive the bonus!

  • You pass us the contact and we do the selling!

  • Your referrals will receive our BEST RATES!


    • $100 ​- Most $Volume Partner

    • $100 - Most Referrals Partner

How it Works:

  1. Ask your customers if they are interested in a free, payment processor, statement review.

  2. Submit interested customer’s contact information by December 15, 2017, using the Partner Referral form: https://www.marblesbusinesssolutions.com/referral-partner

  3. CardConnect-NOVA will contact your referral within 24hrs to review your customer’s statement and offer them our lowest possible rates with a month-to-month contract.

  4. To be Bonus eligible, referrals must sign and begin processing by December 31, 2017 and cannot be a current Ignite Payments or CardConnect customer.

  5. Payouts (Visa Gift Cards) - based on customer’s statement, are paid on the 20th of the month after the referral begins processing. Please allow 10 business days for delivery.

  6. Duplicate Referrals - the first partner submitting the referral receives the payout.

  7. Special Year-End Bonus will be paid January 20, 2018. Allow 10 business days for delivery.

Partner Referral Submission

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Monthly $Vol    Bonus

$10,000-19,999  ==>     $20

$20,000-29,999  ==>     $25

$30,000-39,999  ==>     $30

$40,000-49,999  ==>     $50

$50,000+             ==>     $100

Bonus Payouts